Daniel Epp

    Kevin Brand has been a godsend to my life. In the early 1990's I was shopping for a disability policy and was referred to Kevin, a smart young agent who was just starting his professional career, as was I. Kevin carefully chose a policy for me that was well-tailored to my needs, even though I had no idea I would really need it and why. In 2008 I became disabled, and the policy has been paying as promised. Benefits from other competing policies would have been much more difficult or impossible to obtain. I am extremely grateful that Kevin had the smarts and foresight to get me the right policy. Now I have financial security despite my disability, and I have Kevin to thank.

    Pamela Fagan Hutchins
    Co-Founder/Co-Owner of EPS, HR Consultant, Employment Attorney, Writer

    No one wants to think about the need for life insurance, but Kevin Brand makes the process easy and non-threatening. Kevin brings a deep knowledge of the products available, combined with the experience to help you decide which type of solution works best for you, and he works with one of the best, most reliable companies in the business. Kevin and his staff excel at customer service -- I have never felt like a bother when I call with my "dumb" questions. I have trusted Kevin with my life insurance needs for nearly 15 years. I highly recommend Kevin Brand.

    Scott Arbuckle
    Architect / Designer

    I have enjoyed getting to know Kevin over the years. He is an expert on the insurance industry, and how insurance should work for individuals. He has helped my wife and I find the best set of options for this particular phase of life we're in.

    Lisa Newman
    Wolfish & Newman, PC

    I have worked with Kevin since 1993. When I first graduated from law school I worked with Kevin to put disability insurance in place. Since then he has been proactive in making sure my disability needs are met. In 2002 I worked with Kevin to put in place whole life and term insurance. I could not have been more pleased with the recommendations Kevin made or with the speed in which he put the insurance in place. Kevin met my expectations and continues to meet my expectations each time we review my situation.

    Kevin Pailet
    Insurance Executive

    I've worked with many insurance advisors, agents, and brokers. Kevin's attention to detail and deep knowledge of the impact different contractual provisions can have on an insurance plan stand out in an industry known too often for pushing products rather than solving unique needs.

    Kevin thinks outside of the box to deliver solutions that truly meet the client's objectives. I recommend Kevin to anyone needing help with their personal insurance needs.

    Dennis Gorman
    Venture Capitalist

    Kevin has done an excellent job helping me purchase insurance.